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We get rid of your old roof as part of the replacement process.

When you install a new roof, your old roof has got to go. This is a big job considering your roof is made up of hundreds of pounds of shingles, fiberglass, underlayment, and other materials. These materials must be completely cleared away to provide a fresh surface for your new roof.

Roof Removal in Houston, Texas

If your home needs a new roof, count on our team at Image Roofing Company to take care of your roof removal project. We serve homeowners and business owners in Houston, Texas, and we’ve been working on roofing projects in the area since 1983. We can remove old roofing materials efficiently while controlling the debris, so it doesn’t end up littered throughout your yard and garden.

Once we have the roof removal process taken care of, we can start installing your new roof. We only use high-quality materials from well-known suppliers, carefully installing every new part of your roof with precision. Most roofs can last up to two decades with proper installation, and we’ll make sure everything is done right to maximize your new roof’s lifespan.

Before you wonder if you need to remove your old roof and replace it with a new one, have us come and perform a comprehensive roof inspection. This process can confirm the need for roof removal and provide you with more information about what to expect during replacement. For more information about roof removal or to schedule your inspection, get in touch with us today.