Storm Damage Roof Repair in Deer Park, Texas

Unfortunately, storm damage can happen at any time. High winds, heavy rain, snow, and sleet can all cause damage. When damage occurs to a roof, homeowners need to take action immediately. Storms can arise without warning, leading to damage. With professional Roofing Services, homeowners can rest assured their roofs are taken care of by qualified experts.

Roof Inspections Are Essential After Storms

Homeowners should have their roofs inspected annually to ensure damage has not occurred. After a storm, homeowners also need to call professionals for an inspection. During an inspection, residents can rest assured the inspector will check every aspect of their roof for any signs of damage.

A thorough inspection involves checking the roof and its components from the ground and roof level. The technicians will also check inside the home for any signs of water damage. The homeowner will receive a full report of any deterioration and an estimate of the cost of repairs after the inspection.

Common Types of Roof Damage After Storms

Roof damage is more likely to occur to older roofs, but storms can even cause damage to a new roof. The following offers information on the most common types of roof damage caused by windstorms. Homeowners need to become aware of these kinds of damages so they know when to call professionals for Roof Repair.

  • One of the most common types of storm damage is missing shingles. High winds can blow shingles off the roof, leaving an area unprotected. Missing shingles will cause water damage to occur on roofs, which could become costly to repair.
  • Flying debris can puncture a roof and cause it to begin leaking. No matter how small the leaks are in a roof, they can quickly start to cause damage. Leaks may also affect the indoor temperatures of the home and lead to comfort issues.
  • Storms can also cause gutter damage to begin to occur. As a part of the roof inspection, technicians will come out and check the gutter system for any signs of damage. If the technicians discover damage, they will go right to work on repairing the issues or replacing the gutters.
  • A loss of shingle granules is also common after a severe storm. Shingle granules help deflect the heat from the sun to keep a home cooler and more comfortable. When shingle granules are missing, the shingles no longer offer the level of protection they should.

Emergency Storm Damage Repair

Sometimes, the roof damage is so severe that immediate intervention becomes necessary. Emergency roof repair technicians will come out 24/7 to secure a roof and ensure the home is protected. Tarping is one of the ways roofing technicians protect homes after a storm. Technicians will tarp a roof until they carry out repairs. By covering a roof, the technicians will prevent water damage from occurring.

Unfortunately, emergency roof damage can emerge at any time. Homeowners can never schedule these types of emergencies. When the unexpected happens, homeowners need to rely on professional technicians to ensure their roofs are secured as soon as possible with Emergency Repairs.

Removal of Damaged Materials and Replacement

When damages materialize, the first goal is to secure the home. Once the home is secured, the technicians will go to work removing any damaged areas of the roof. Once the damaged materials are removed, the technicians will start to work on replacing the roof and all its components.

It is essential homeowners rely on professional repair experts to ensure their home’s roof damage is handled appropriately. Homeowners must take quick action and ensure repairs are sought quickly.

Waiting too long to seek roof repairs will only lead to increased damage and expenses. By putting off an inspection and repairs, homeowners may also discover the interior of their home suffers water damage that can become costly to repair.

It is important to note that roofing contractors work within the confines of the homeowner’s insurance coverage. These professionals will help homeowners learn if their roof damage is covered by their insurance company. The roofing contractors can even help with providing information for the insurance claim.

Do Not Take a DIY Approach

One of the worst things homeowners can do after a severe storm is to take a DIY approach to repairs. Repairing a roof takes a concerted effort, knowledge, and the right tools and materials. When homeowners try to take care of the damage themselves, they often end up causing further problems.

At Image Roofing, we are dedicated to providing expert roofing services to homeowners. We take great pride in providing superior customer service and helping our customers keep their homes safe from water damage.