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We have been a trusted commercial roofing contractor since 1982.

Your commercial property likely contains lots of expensive equipment, product inventory, and more. Because this property is so valuable, you wouldn’t want to put your commercial roofing in the hands of anyone less than an experienced roofing specialist. At Image Roofing Company, we’ve been a trusted commercial roofing contractor since 1982, so we have nearly four decades of experience to ensure quality workmanship and accurate diagnostics.

Commercial Roofing in Houston, Texas

Like almost anything else, commercial roofing will not last forever. At some point, your building’s roof will be beyond repair and you’ll need our commercial roofing installation expertise. We are experienced with a variety of commercial roofing materials, including BUR, TPO membrane, and PVC membrane roofs. We are also certified to offer the Versico NDL (no dollar limit) warranty on TPO and PVC roofs. Regular inspections of commercial roofing are critical for catching cracks, wear, leaks and interior water damage before it can become extensive.

Whether you need a roof installation for your new commercial construction project, commercial roofing repairs for an existing building, or re-roofing services to give your building the best protection possible, count on our experienced team to handle your project with ease. We offer free estimates for commercial roof repair or replacement, so call today to schedule an appointment so you can have peace of mind that your Houston, Texas business isn’t at risk.


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